Unboxing The Kat and So Much More!

When starting a business you wear many hats. This week, Greg and I donned our HR hats and completed our interview process. The installation of our network cabling began and is nearing completion. Greg put on his painters gear and began patching and painting the site (We have over 3500 SF of space, so it is no small task). I attended a marketing event, scheduled some time with a radio advertiser, and started working on some other marketing avenues. We finalized our color scheme and also had a wonderfully productive conversation with an Entermission colleague in Australia. Additionally, We spoke with some local content creators and began to brainstorm how we can support and foster each others growth and efforts, as well as, help develop the area into a nationally recognized technical hub. Its been a productive week. And that’s not All! As promised, we unboxed and assembled one of the Kats, edited together an unboxing video and launched our Youtube channel (Subscribe and Let us know what you think!) Just for clarification, The Kat is not completely set up yet.. we still have to get it connected to the computer and start creating our experience library before opening. That will be happening over the next few weeks as we continue with all the work that, as of yet, needs to be done. Stay tuned!

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