19 Days To Go and Dreams Begin to Manifest

19 Days to Go and Dreams Begin to Manifest

Last Night, while working alone in the space, Greg had an overwhelming sense of dejaVu. While I can’t speak to the intensity of his experience, I am not entirely surprised. We have been envisioning this space and what we want it to look like from the moment we stepped inside.
Which leads me to tonight’s update, due to time and travel and energy constraints.. This starting a business thing is a lot of work.. We won’t be putting together our usual video update. Instead, we give you just a simple slide show of some of the stages of visualization that have gone on, as we have been giving face, form and character to our dream.

Despite all the mental prep work, I, for one, feel that what we have done with the space so far exceeds my own expectations.Which is to say, I am thrilled with it.

Marketing efforts are ramping up. The website is almost polished and ready for booking. The space is nearly ready for us to start moving in and setting up the hardware Our mental gears shift from creating the space to filling it with huge smiles and racing hearts.

We will see you tomorrow!

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