The Details Begin To Fall Into Place

Hello VR Enthusiasts! It is a mere 15 Days until our doors open and the construction dust is settling. Here are some of the most recent highlights:
The networking and firewall are installed and ready for us to tie into. In addition to the UV Light Box and sanitization methods that we highlighted several days ago, we have also purchased several air purifiers that feature UV light purification which will be strategically placed to enhance air flow and its sanitization.
We are also prepared to comply with the state regulations regarding food scraps (As of July 1st Vermont requires that all food waste be composted. Not to mention its just good practice!)
The TVs are going up in the Blast Zone (Which is where the Omnidirectional treadmill are going to be located) and lots of other details were seen too today as well.
Our booking and payment system is currently being thoroughly beta tested.
Announcement/discount letters for local businesses are ready to be dropped in the mail.
We are also in the process of considering our membership package deals and will be sharing those soon.
As you can see there is a lot of exciting activity going on, but none of it is as exciting as the experiences we are going to be able to share in 15 days!

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