And the Winners Are…

And The Winners Are...

Announcing the Winners of our Grand Opening Drawing!!!!
Thank you to everyone who came in and has supported us.
Gift Certificates were won by:
Liz Thorpe
Tom Devoss
Felicity Rodriquez
Dylan Fath
and Linda Goodall
A free month of membership was won by:
Gibson Moffatt
Adam Palmer
Grand Prize Party Package won by:
Allison Ginsburg
Watch us drawing the winners on Youtube!
The Kat Mini Omni-Directional Treadmills are Operational!

With any new technology comes comes integration and troubleshooting. The Blast Zone had a fair amount of calibration needed to get the machines functioning smoothly. I am excited to announce that the issues have been addressed and the Blast Zone is ready for guests! We will be working on getting the haptic vests functioning in tandem. Stay tuned for that news. In the meantime, enjoy the freedom of movement that the Launch Pads offer and truely experience VR in a new way.

All the Fun!

Watch as two young men challenge each other in a jousting duel! They really had a great time and embody the joy we seek to provide.

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