News and Business Update Regarding Covid-19

Our Response to Growing Covid-19 Concerns

Yesterday, Nov. 13, 2020 Govenor Scott issued a statement regarding new Covid-19 mitigation measures. Immersion XP recognizes the importance of these directives and is making the following changes to ensure that we remain in compliance.

  • Hours Change:  Immersion XP will now close our doors at 10pm on Friday and Saturday Nights.
  • Booking Changes: To further ensure proper social distancing and ample sanitization time between customers, we will no longer be taking reservations online. Call us direct at 802-497-1948 to schedule your visit.
  • Masks: We will continue to require the wearing of masks.
  • Contact Tracing : We will be taking note of your group and requesting a phone number, in order to facilitate government officials in tracing outbreaks, should the necessity arise.
  • Separate Household Units :While we will book and seat household units individually, YOU CAN STILL PLAY TOGETHER!Our facility allows for in-game interaction with other individuals in a socially distanced fashion. This is the magic of VR.

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