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General Rules

Immersion XP requests that guests arrive at their scheduled time. Late arrivals could result in a shortened experience or result in the cancellation of the booking. Anticipate that your first visit will require a additional half hour of time at our facilities beyond the amount of game time that you reserved. This time is to allow for the filling out of waiver forms, familiarization with the facilities, game selection and review of safety protocols. Subsequent visits will require approximately 15 additional minutes.

On occasion, technical difficulties will arise. Our staff will do everything possible to smooth out your experience.

Players under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult during their game play session.

Waiver presented here for your information and agreement while booking. Upon Arrival each participant must sign waiver and agree to terms and condition prior to play.

Release Waiver

The following button will take you to the text of our waiver. When you arrive at our location and check in you will be required to electronically give your consent prior to play. If you are under 18 years of age, a parent or must sign the waiver on your behalf.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality (VR) is computer technology that makes a person feel like they are somewhere else. A headset it worn in conjunction with special software to produce images, sounds and other sensations to create an environment the player feels completely a part of. VR provides the user with an Immersive experience which transports them to an interactive 3D World. Whether playing a game, solving a puzzle, competing in a race or interacting with a piece of art, experiencing Virtual Reality is a life changing Adventure. To truly understand it, you have to experience it.

What are you doing re: Covid-19 and my safety?

Immersion XP follows the standard protocols recommended by the Government. We also go above and beyond that. All of the details of our sanitization methods can be found HERE. For your part, we currently require that guests wear masks and maintain social distancing.

How old do I have to be to participate?

We accommodate players age 8 and older, however, be informed that the VR headset manufacturers have set the recommended minimum age as 13 as the headsets may not properly fit a smaller head. We do, however, provide additional foam padding when needed to correct the fit of the headgear. 

Do I need a chaperone?

We require that all players under the age of 14 be accompanied by an adult. The adult is not required to play. For their comfort and enjoyment, we offer seating, small refreshments for purchase and free wifi.

If I wear glasses, can I still play?

While the headsets are adjustable and made so that guests can often wear their glasses inside the VR headset, if you have contacts we suggest you wear them instead. The headsets may have difficulty fitting in larger framed glasses.

Your ability to see with glasses within the headset should be the equivalent of seeing outside of the headset. We have found that bifocals can be a little more difficult to work with but it is not impossible, just slightly out of clear focus.

If you find you are having difficulties, speak to your adventure guide as they may be able to assist.

What physical issues limit participation?
  • Because of the nature of Virtual Reality, guests must have a decent level of visual acuity. (Please note that wearing glasses or contacts will not hinder game play. see our faq on glasses for more info)
  • Guests must also have enough control of their hands to operate controllers.
  • Individuals who have heart problems, motion sickness, or who are prone to seizures, must proceed with caution and do so at their own risk.
  • If you have any conditions (medical or psychiatric), please discuss with your doctor before participating.
Will virtual reality make me dizzy or nauseous?

Virtual Reality has come a long way. Refresh rates in the technology have improved so much in recent years that dizziness and nausea are far rarer occurrences than in the past. There can be some adjustment when adapting to the immersive experience.  We recommend starting with shorter time frames and building up your in game time as you adjust. We also have a variety of ginger infused items at the Fuel Up Station to help settle queasy stomachs.

What is your cancellation/refund policy?

Why Cancel if you can reschedule? We will, without charge, postpone an session if notified within two hours of appointment.

Provide 24 hrs notice – 100% Refund

Provide same day notice – 25% cancellation fee will be charged.

What is the chance that I will hit a wall or bump into another player?

Within the virtual reality space, you will be able to clearly identify where the walls and boundaries are for your experience. These boundaries show up as lines that define your space. In the extremely unlikely event that you were to bump into a wall, we have finished those hard surfaces in a foam material. The spaces are placed far enough apart that bumping into another player should never be a concern.  Players may appear next to each other in the virtual reality space but in reality are distanced in a very socially acceptable manner.

What technologies does Immersion XP utilize?

Immersion XP employs leading edge technology in each of their offerings. All of our Technical Specifications can be found HERE.

What should I wear?

Virtual reality is not a passive activity. Wear comfortable clothes that you can move around in. In addition, if you are planning on using the omni-directional treadmills, be prepared to remove your shoes and play in your socks. Depending on how active of an experience you choose, Virtual Reality can make you break a sweat! A shower and additional lockers are provided in the restroom, should you require it.

Do you Serve Food?

Immersion XP has an assortment of snacks and beverages available for purchase. Guests are  also welcome to bring in their own food, as long as the food remains in the designated areas and is not taken into any of the stations.

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