x Infinity Deck #1


The Infinity Deck consists of five independent tethered VR “Teleport Stations”. Each of these stations allow for approx. 8’ x 10’ of space to play and rove around in.  Play singularly or rent multiple stations and play in-game with friends.  These experiences are suited to sitting, standing and roving (depending on your preference). Explore the Universe! Shoot Orks! Defy Gravity!  Experience what would otherwise be impossible.  The possibilities are endless on the Infinity Deck!

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Quick Dip In the Immersive Experience

$125010 Minutes
  • New to VR and Just Want to Try It Out?
  • This is Our Introductory Package
  • 10 Minutes of Entertainment
  • Adventures are Simple and Easy to Interact With
  • Come “Test the Immersive Waters”
Book Your Intro Exp.

Make A Splash in the Metaverse!

$32001/2 Hour
  • Familiar with VR and Ready To Jump In?
  • Rent Multiple Stations & Play Against Friends.
  • 30 Minutes of Entertainment
  • Adventures Range From Shooters to Puzzles and More
  • The Real Fun Begins Here
Book 30 Minutes

Plunge into Infinite Possibilities

  • Ready to Deep Dive into Adventure?
  • Rent Multiple Stations & Play Against Friends.
  • Or Rent a Single Station & Split Time with Friends
  • Offering A Wider, More Challenging Assortment of Adventures
Book 1 Hr.