Please Don’t Touch Anything

Explosive Team Puzzle
Team Size: 2-5 Team Members per Station
Uses: Collaboration / Communication / Teamwork / Problem Solving / Friendly Competition / Fun

The premise is simple: Your colleague goes for a bathroom break and leaves you sitting in a room with a large screen in front of you and a panel with one big red button and a lever that says reset. You’re told not to touch anything. But contrary to your colleague’s instructions, the key to the game is to touch as much as possible. By pressing, poking, and prodding through everything in the room, the player will encounter various puzzles to solve. Once a player solves a puzzle, they will unlock one of the thirty different endings. Immersion XP modified the game to allow for group participation by providing the players not wearing a headset a list of instructions to help guide the player wearing the headset through a pre-selected list of endings. This change improves the overall group engagement and makes communication a key driver of success. Can the team work together to identify all of the endings?

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