Virtual Reality Team Building

The Importance of Team Building

Team Building activities help motivate team members to work together and develop a deeper level of trust with their teammates, improves communication and collaboration, increases team productivity, and fosters creativity and learning.

Virtual Reality Team-Building experiences give your team members an opportunity to experience new, unique, and out of this world team building activities. Each experience encourages participants to focus on goals, identify obstacles and work together to accomplish a task while having fun.

Immersion XP will work with you to deliver the most effective Team Building experience for your team.

Understanding What a Great Team Is

Flawless teamwork doesn’t just occur out of the blue. It demands conscious efforts from all individuals within the team including the leader. A great team consists of a few elements that must be present at all times:

• Clear objectives – each team member must be aware of the meaning of a particular activity as part of a larger objective. If, for example, you ask the team to engage in blogging for the sake of business promotion, they must understand how this blog will help the organization achieve higher objectives. If they don’t see the purpose of the task, they will fail and you’ll have to invest additional funds to outsource that task to a writing service.

• Clear roles – everyone within the team must be aware of the hierarchy and their role in it.

• Flawless communication – whenever someone has a question or gets an idea, they should be able to communicate it. The communication within the team must be as smooth as possible.

• Cooperation – teamwork is not about individual achievements; it’s about what the group accomplishes together.

• Individual development within the team – although it’s teamwork we’re talking about, the individual must not lose their authentic voice throughout the collaboration.

• A great team is the one whose work is based on clear objectives, clear roles, clear communication, cooperation, and opportunities for personal development. Remember that recipe and you’ll be on the right way towards building an effective team.

Team Building Event Process:

Defining Team Building Objectives:

In order for a team building experience to be effective, there needs to be a clearly defined objective(s) up front. No two teams are identical. Outlined below are 6 examples of team building objectives:
• Address interpersonal problems within the group.
• Improve inter-team communication.
• Enhance the productivity of employees.
• Increased motivational levels among team members.
• Empower leadership skills among employees.
• Encourage out of the box & creative thinking.

Assign Team Roles:

Team roles offer an opportunity for high quality, focused interactions between team members. Team members are more likely to stay on task and pay closer attention to the task at hand when their roles in the collaboration are clear and distinct.

Team roles fall into three categories: Action-oriented, People-oriented and Thought-oriented roles.
Action-oriented roles consist of Shapers, Implementers and Completers / Finishers
People-oriented roles consist of Coordinators, Team Workers and Resource Investigators
Thought-oriented roles consist of Monitor-Evaluators, Specialists and Innovators

Choosing the Right Team Building Activity:

We’ve put together a list of our favorite team building themes and goals, along with specific VR experiences for each, that will help you make a decision on what type of virtual reality team building event is right for you and your team. Ranging from relaxed experiences perfect for getting your team to take a breath, to exhilarating adventures that will have you and your co-workers ready to tackle any challenge, these examples should give you an idea of what to expect when planning a team building event using virtual reality. Below are 5 of Immersion XP’s most popular Team Building experiences. Additional team building experiences are available depending on the team objectives for the team building experience.

Intense Puzzle Experience

Team Size: 2-5 Team Members per Station

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Terrifying Teamwork

Team Size: 2-9 Team Members per Station + Cell Phones

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Explosive Puzzle Experience

Team Size: 2-5 Team Members per Station

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Fun & Interactive

Team Size: Up to 10 players in separate stations

The Experiment Escape Room

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After-Action Review:

Once the team has completed the team building event, the facilitator will conduct an After-Action Review with the team.
Examples of After-Action review questions are:
• What did the team expect to happen?
• What actually happened?
• What went well and why? Celebrate Success!
• What can be improved upon?
• What is each team member going to take away from this event and do to improve teamwork?

If you are ready to embark and take your team on a unique Team Building journey that will strengthen the way your team works together then book now. Immersion XP is ready to customize a team building experience for your team!

Celebrate Success!

Ready to Arrange your Team Building Event?

Drop us a note using the form below or contact our Team Building Leader, Greg East, directly by email at or by phone at 802-288-0499. Greg has been dedicated to building strong teams and leading team building exercises for over a decade in corporate environments. He is excited to merge his wealth of knowledge and the technology of VR to bring you a successful and fun team building event!