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Infinity Deck

The Infinity Deck consists of five independent tethered VR "Teleport Stations". Each of these spaces provides approx. 8’ x 10’ of space to play seated, standing or roving around in. Play singularly or split up your immersive time with a couple of friends
Starting at$17for 20 min.
  • 5 tethered stations
  • Split your time/station with up to 3 people
  • Rich Library of Adventures to Choose From
  • Special Package Deals
Expand Your Horizons
Mind Blowingly Unique Escape Room Adventures

Entermission Escape Room

Entermission adventures combine elements of escape rooms with the immersion and excitement of virtual reality. Entermission is unlike anything you have ever experienced and features scent, wind and haptic technology.
$4200/per seat
  • Suited to Teams of 4
  • Two Spectacular Hour Long Escape Room Adventures: Mad Mind and Space Heroes
  • ButtKicker Haptics, Scent, Wind and Heat Generators Make this An Immensely Sensory Stimulating Experience
Choose your Challenge
Take your immersion experience up a notch and strap in!

Blast Zone

The Blast Zone consists of six "Launch Pads". Each of these Kat Mini Omni-Directional Treadmills allows for 360 degrees of movement and engagement with the Virtual World. Navigating the experience entirely by foot translates into an experience that delivers a greater sense of reality.
Starting at $23 for 20 minutes
  • 6 OmniDirectional Treadmills
  • 360 Degrees of Freedom
  • An Adventure Library Full of Competitions and Challenges
  • Special Package Deals
Katapult Into Action