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Owners, Greg & Vicci East

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Our Facility Offers The Following Amenities:

  • 14 VR Stations featuring a wide range of Immersive Experiences
  • Spectator Seating and Small Refreshments
  • Tournament and Competition Play Coming Soon!
  • Catering to Parties and Groups as large as 35 people
  • We have lockers available at no charge.
about us

Welcome to Immersion XP

Immersion XP was established in 2020 by Vicci and Greg East. For more than two decades, the family followed Greg’s career as he quickly grew through the leadership ranks of major Consumer Packaged Goods organizations.He was often away for work and his career necessitated that the family relocate on a regular basis, both domestically and abroad. Vicci took the helm of holding down the household and navigating their family through the continual changes.

When the East’s relocated to Vermont for Greg’s work in 2017, they fell in love with the culture Vermont offered and immediately made the decision that they were putting down roots. In November of 2019, life gave them the opportunity to choose a new path away from the corporate world and the constant changes, stress, and anxiety that came with it. They jumped at the chance.

The East’s sought a direction that would utilize both of their vast knowledge, varied expertise and unique interests. Greg and Vicci each possessed a deep desire to build a business that assisted their customers with stress reduction, physical fitness, social well being, and was just plain fun. To bring joy and smiles to the region with an offering that would have a positive and lasting impact on society as a whole was paramount to their vision.

When Greg and Vicci learned about Virtual Reality (VR) and the vastness of its applications, they knew they had found a path that they both could be passionate about. Virtual Reality aligned magnificently with their vision. Through their own personal knowledge, they had long realized the benefits of gaming as a tool for stress reduction; however, the applications of VR go far beyond just simple game play. VR applications support Learning, Exercise, Therapy, Travel, Training, Team Building, Social Engagement, and so much more . Armed with this knowledge and coupled with the East’s individual ambitions, strengths and interests, they knew they had found their personal niche and Immersion XP was born.

Immersion XP is a family owned business that provides a fun and friendly environment for Vermonters and visitors to be social in a social distancing world, experience the best that VR has to offer, and improve their overall health and wellness utilizing multiple venues with an ever expanding library of adventures, experiences, and events for the whole family.

A Word About Our Logo

A quick note about the name: XP is short for “Experience” or ‘Experience Points” in gaming speak but its meaning runs deeper than that for the East’s. In the runic alphabet “X” represents the sound G (as in Greg) and the angular “P” represents the sound V (as in Vicci). Additionally, these runes have symbolic meaning, sort of like the hieroglyphs of Egypt. In this case “X” means “Gift” and “P” means “Joy”. When combined they mean “Gift of Joy.” The company logo imagery was designed with this in mind as the East’s are thrilled to be in a position to share what they find joyful with the world.